Mobile Unit

DogWorks Mobile Pet Grooming LLC Van and Trailers are fully equipped, self-contained, mobile grooming salon very similar to a motor home, but specifically designed to groom your pets. We provide hot and cold water for comfortable temperature bathing for your pet. Our units are also Climate Controlled for comfortable grooming for your pet and our professional groomers. The DogWorks mobile grooming vans also create their own electricity so no need to plug into your home.The full size grooming tub is well capable of taking in the largest of breeds safely. The Central Vacuum System helps to maintain a clean environment between grooming clients. We also provide hot and cold hand fluff dryers for the specific requirements of your pet.




Facing ForwardIn this picture you are looking toward the front of the van. Headroom is at 6’6″ for the tallest groomer. All of the equipment storage is conveniently and ergonomically placed. The doors up high open to reveal a large, deep storage space for many of our supplies. To the right is the double door entrance and in the middle is the see through door to access the cab driving area.


Facing BackwardIn this picture, you are looking back toward the rear of the van. The electric table and table-to-tub ramp make bathing large dogs easy with no lifting involved. The white hose is the vacuum, which makes short work of our cleanup.


Facing TubeThe large 16-gauge stainless steel tub is custom made. It includes double drains for uneven parking surfaces. Our latest addition is the raised shelf for small breed dogs. The shelf then lowers to the bottom of the tub to accommodate large breeds. Better comfort for me your groomer.